Petatree provides pet owners a complete After Care experience

Petatree provides you with the knowledge and expertise of each step of After Care, from cremation to choosing the most appropriate memorial for your beloved pet

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Petatree navigates you through the end-of-life process

Mourning the loss of your pet is healthy

Mourning loss is a natural way for us to release our emotions, privately and with others. It also helps us gain composure and perspective toward choosing a memorial that symbolizes the love and happiness our furry family member gave us in life.

Not gaining closure of your loss is unhealthy

When closure isn't reached,  we remain in a state of mourning often repressing our feelings of loss which can lead to guilt, anxiety and even depression.

Most people haven't experienced the death of a loved one and don't know the steps that need to be taken, the options available and the timing involved.

Moreover, it all happens at a time when we are most emotionally vulnerable.
That's why Petatree developed the Petatree wellness Kit:

it's a suite of products and services designed to help through the end-of-life Process.

we provide you with full disclosure of the process starting with what to do when your pet dies, to the cremation process, prices and their implications, Tree types, how the petatree process transforms the ashes of your pet into the life of your tree and petatree memorial service options.

Check out Petatree's story, below:

We are proud to have a "completely Canadian" story to tell. From product development and manufacturing to cremation and tree choices, everything we do and every company we do it with is Canadian.

Petatree is also a fully sustainable company. Our composite fibre urn and planter construction is designed to completely compost within 30 -60 days after burial and planting.

 Did you know that when a pet is cremated, the process emits approximately 340 lbs of carbon into the air? But when you use the Petatree Memorial Kit, your Petatree tree re-captures that carbon "paw print" within 4 years of planting. And that makes us all breath a little easier!